Tässä alla vuoden 2016 YIMBYcon tapahtuman esitysten pohjalta tehtyjä blogikirjoituksia.

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Urban Futures in the Face of Climate Change

Cities are increasingly becoming the focus of transitions to sustainable, resilient futures. In this talk, Dr. Idil Gaziulusoy will present the process, findings and outputs of Visions and Pathways 2040 project. Visions and Pathways 2040 project was a transdisciplinary, multi-stakeholder project which used design-led and participatory methods to develop visions and scenarios for low-carbon futures in Australian cities during a politically challenging period while Australia had a climate change denier Prime Minister. Dr. Idil Gaziulusoy is Assistant Professor of Sustainable Design in the School of Arts, Design and Architecture of Aalto University. She is a sustainability scientist and a design…

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Value In My BackYard – a human solution
by Christian Sannemann

Muraali, Arabian katufestivaali 2017. Photo by: Vilja Keskimäki / Artova 2017   Value In My BackYard – a human solution   Value. What an interesting human phenomenon. In the currents of time societies rise and fall, cities rise and fall, and backyards rise and fall. Eventually everything we hold dear and near is prone to be lost in the forever consuming powers of entropy. I guess in a sense this inevitable impermanence is essentially what makes permanence so valuable. Yet, as it is, environments change, and in order to survive we need to be able to adapt to new situations…

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Facilitating civic engagement in the context of sustainable built environments
by Marjo Uotila

The ugly new and the beautiful old in Turku, Aurakatu   Facilitating civic engagement in the context of sustainable built environments   A stroke of serendipity. That’s how it seems now.   It was a snowy January in 2015. In the beautiful Stockholm old town.   I had just met with a bunch of colleagues, brainstormed about future collaboration.   Walking down to the subway, I took a newspaper to brush up my Swedish.   I was casually browsing the paper, not so sure there’d be anything to catch my eye.   That’s when it hit me.   An article…

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The official reformer is not a radical, perhaps
by Anders Jansson

Back when I was hired by the National Road Administration my role was fairly soon defined by a colleague of mine. Juha worked with road project assesment and his role was 'to find out why the road needs to be built'. Mine was 'to tell why the road should not be built'. So, that I did for almost a quarter of a century. Those who know Finnish road engineers may ask how I managed to survive. There is an attitude, 'TVHn henki' – the NRA spirit – that tends to target any people working there and make them into the…

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The fourth sector is reconstructing the society
by Maija Faehnle & Pasi Mäenpää

The future of cities is increasingly in the hands of citizens who just start doing, without waiting for formal organizations to call them to participate. YIMBY Facebook groups, alternative city plans such Pro Helsinki 2.0 and also YIMBYcon are examples of how citizens nowadays shape planning and the society in multiple roles, not limited to those of a resident or customer.   In today’s digital world, civic activism has volume and potentials crucially different from those of the past. Social media can do much of what used to be the job of hierarchical organizations. New self-organized groups and networks interact…

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New Urban Agenda of the United Nations and how to implement it
by Meri Lundahl

I arrived to YIMBYcon almost directly from Habitat III PrepCom 3, where I went to represent Dodo as part of Finland’s delegation in the preparation for UN’s New Urban Agenda. After the PrepCom, the big themes of the agenda were more or less clear even though plenty of disagreement remained regarding the details. Also, we were still unclear about how to start implementing the agenda in Finland. That’s why I was curious to discuss the implementation with YIMBY activists. In YIMBYcon, we spent about an hour with a few participants, first discussing the central themes of the New Urban Agenda,…

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Could DIY urbanists help discover new solutions for designing better cities?
by Timo Hämäläinen

Our guest blogger is urbanist, city blogger, and urban policy advisor Timo Hämäläinen. Check out his blog urbanfinland.com for insights into Finnish city development.   Helsinki and other larger Finnish cities have become fun and lively places to live. One considerable factor to thank is the explosion of spontaneous citizens-led urban movements like Restaurant Day, Cleaning Day, and neighborhood Block Parties. Kallio Block Party 2015. Photo: Timo Hämäläinen This phenomenon is powered by self-confident young adults who are increasingly interested in taking part in improving their surroundings as co-producers, not just as distant participants. Their weapons of choice are social…

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One of the Most Difficult Measures
by Niko-Matti Ronikonmäki

Helsinki Region has set goals for the transport system in the Helsinki Region Transport Plan. These goals state that the region’s transport system has to be planned so that it is sustainable and accessible by public transport, walking and cycling. In more detail level this means for example that CO2-emissions should shrink, resources should be used efficiently and congestion is under control. These are the basis for us planners to think different options, to plan and to optimize the future transport system. What if someone would tell you that there is this measure that would fit perfectly in your goals.…

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by Erica Barnett

The following is a version of the presentation I gave at YIMBYCon 2016, "Getting from NIMBY to YIMBY." As a journalist covering land use and other political battles in Seattle, I spend a lot of time at meetings where I watch people who meet all the qualifications of your classic NIMBY: They're angry at the city, they don't want things to change, and their neighborhood character will be ruined if the city allows that (three-story apartment building/bike lane/homeless encampment) in their backyard!! You know the ones: That second photo is taken from a meeting about a four-story apartment building in…